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ÖZ-TRANS Logistics realizes transportation of raw materials, semi-finished and products by road border within Turkey. Logistics strategy of ÖZ-TRANS is established on delivery of customer loads at correct place, correct time without damage and with the best cost and share of correct information on time.ÖZ-TRANS, with its experienced staff and a fleet of modern self-owned vehicles, plans the transportation of the cargo with its customers and ensures that it is delivered to its final point in a minimum time with the appropriate vehicle.

ÖZ-TRANS effective and fast solutions for all local or inter-city transports to institutional companies performing trade of cement, food, iron and steel, feed industry and commodities, from ports to warehouses / factories, from warehouses / factories to ports, between facilities. Thanks to the large fleet of self-owned vehicles; even transports that support very long distances can be carried out.